Form Description Fee Paper  Online
F2 Alterations in the memorandum/articles of an external company €15  n/a
F3 Change in the directors/secretary/persons who represent an external company/address of persons resident in the State authorised to accept service of proceedings on behalf of the company or address of persons resident in the State responsible for ensuring compliance or €15  n/a
F4 Change in address of branch in the State. €15  Free
F7 Return of the accounting documents of an external company €15  €15
F8/F8a Particulars of a charge on property in the State created by a company incorporated outside the State. (F8b has no filing fee) F8b complements the filing of F8a. n/a  €40
F9 Particulars of a charge subject to which property in the State has been acquired by a company incorporated outside the State €40  n/a
F12 External company registration – Branch EEA €60  €50
F13 External company registration – Branch non EEA €60  €50
F14 Notification of winding up/closure of Branch of an external company €15  €15

Search Paper Electronic
Image of a document €2.50 €2.50
Printout of basic company details €3.50 €3.50