When a change occurs in any of the particulars of a registered business name (e.g. change of business name or business address) it should be notified to the CRO within one month of the date of the change. The forms for notifying changes are as follows:

  • ● Form RBN2 – for an individual
  • ● Form RBN2A – for a partnership
  • ● Form RBN2B – for a body corporate


Each has a filing fee of €15. The forms can also be filed for free using CORE.

Link to Business Names Forms

If the owner of a business name wishes to change the ownership, it must first cease trading under the business name and then apply to register the new ownership.

For example: If an individual who originally registered a business name wishes to change it to a partnership, he/she must take the following steps:

  • ● The individual must complete and submit and Form RBN3 to cease trading under that name.
  • ● To register it as a partnership, Form RBN1A must be completed by all partners and submitted to the CRO.