(d) Statutory declarations made for the purposes of the Companies Act outside the State but before a diplomatic or consular official of Ireland.

A statutory declaration under the Statutory Declarations Act 1938 may be made outside the State before a diplomatic or consular official of Ireland pursuant to the Diplomatic and Consular Officers (Provision of Services) Act 1993.

The relevant Irish embassy/consulate for the jurisdiction in question should be contacted in the first instance if further information in this regard is required. A list of Irish embassies/consulates is available from the Department of Foreign Affairs websiteLinks to external website.

Caution: These notes are in general form. In specific cases, it is advisable to contact your own professional adviser, such as your solicitor, accountant or chartered secretary. The CRO is not in a position to advise on the specifics of any case. CRO cannot accept for registration a statutory declaration made in a place outside the State, that has not been made in compliance with the provisions of section 886 Companies Act 2014. A professional ought to be consulted if you are in any way unsure as to how a statutory declaration to be lodged with the CRO has to be completed and/or executed.

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