Signing with a Revenue Online Service (ROS) Digital Signing Cert is a convenient way of signing CRO submissions because many people have a Digital Signing Cert from interactions with Revenue. It saves the need for you to download our signature page, sign it and then scan it back onto your computer for upload to your submission.

The most recent error messages customers receive when using ROS are detailed below with the solution to fix the issue.

Please ensure you use the same browser to login to CORE as you do to Revenue/ROS.

Click HERE and follow the instructions to register with ROS.

Useful Tips for Signing Electronically with ROS:

  • Has your firm registered with ROS and have you a sub-cert in your own name?
  • Ensure you are not using the Firm’s cert, it must be a sub-cert in the name of the individual signing.
  • Is your name spelled correctly and corresponds with your ROS sub-cert?
  • Have you used the correct email address associated with your ROS sub-cert?
  • Is the ROS sub-cert saved on the browser on the PC/laptop you are using?
  • Are you using the correct ROS Registration Number?
  • Does your browser setting Allow All Cookies?


If you are having difficulties with ROS, please contact their Technical Helpdesk.

Click HERE (opens as a PDF) for instructions from Revenue on how to create a sub user ROS Cert.

You must save your ROS cert to your computer. Click HERE for instructions on how to do this.

You will need to load your Digital Signing Cert into your browser. Click HERE (opens as a PDF) for instructions on how to do this.

The most important thing is that the name on the (ROS) Digital Signing Cert must match the name that the CRO has on file for you. If you are using a sub cert, the name of the company must match the name of the company that the CRO has on the register. If it differs, you will get this error:

Signing Problem Detected.

The following message was returned:

There was a problem matching the name on the cert. with the signer for the submission draft:- 106864.

If you receive this error, ensure the name on the cert is correct, and it is loaded onto your browser.

The tax registration number being used with the ROS certificate does not match.

Supported browsers for the ROS Digital Signing Cert are Chrome, IE 11+, Edge and Firefox.

This error message seems to be related to cookies being blocked on the browser.

In Browser, ensure All Cookies are allowed:

For Chrome:

Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Cookies and other site data -> Allow All Cookies

Reattempt the signing and the issue should be resolved.

Please follow the step by step guide to load your ROS digital certificate:


Load your digital certificate Windows (


Load your digital certificate MAC (

When the ROS certificate is downloaded or renewed it is issued with a date and time. This error occurs, if either the date, time or both are different on your computer.

Ensure that the date and time displayed on your computer are correct.

This can also occur if you are in a different time zone:

  • ● you should wait until the time difference has elapsed
  • ● temporarily update the date, time or both on your computer to enable login to ROS.

If you are having difficulties with ROS, please contact their Technical Helpdesk.