Errors on a Form B10 will result in the return of the B10 to the presenter. As B10s are processed in order of the date that they are received then the re-submission date is the date on which the processing order is determined. Ideally, a single B10 should be used to record all changes that occurred on that particular date. Using multiple B10s to record events of a single day can result in larger volumes, inconsistencies, incorrectly uploaded certification or signature pages, and overlooked signature fields.
The following are some of the most frequently encountered errors:
• Declaring that additional documentation is relevant to the B10, such as a Section 137 Bond or a T1 application.
• Not using the residential address of the officer.
• Incomplete residential address.
• Incorrect names of officers whose details must match PPSN records or VIF declarations.
• Changes would leave the company with less than Statutory minimum of company officers.
• The cessation of a secretary must be explicit, not be inferred, When appointing a new secretary the cessation of the previous secretary must be stated and ideally on the same B10.
• The effective date must reflect the date of the event it is denoting. Incorrect effective dates cannot be fixed as there is no mechanism to amend an incorrect effective date.
• Certification (signature) page and consent page not signed nor dated.
• Dates of signature pre-dating the effective date.
• Certification (signature) page and consent page not scanned in as a single PDF.
• Uploading irrelevant material in place of the certification (signature) and consent pages.
• Certification (signature) page uploaded to the incorrect submission. Submission numbers on both the submission and the signature pages must match one another.
• Signature and Date not clearly written. The documents should be available for inspection and clearly legible, micro font size is not acceptable.
• Dates should be in DD/MM/YYYY format.
• Certification (signature) page should not be adjusted or amended, cutting and pasting parts of forms into another document is not acceptable. The barcode at the side of the page must not be amended or deleted.
• If a submission is dependent on supporting documentation forward that documentation to the CRO as soon as possible. The submission will not be held pending the arrival of the supporting documentation and prompts will not be issued. Expired bonds should be renewed immediately.