This section outlines the general procedures for the registration of prospectuses. For the purposes of the Companies Act 2014, prospectus means a document or documents in such form and containing such information as may be required by CA 2014, or EU prospectus law, howsoever the document or documents are constituted, but does not include any advertisements in newspapers or journals derived from the foregoing.

Filing a Prospectus
Please note: A Prospectus is no longer submitted to the CRO. Please see European Union (Prospectus) Regulations SI 380 of 2019.

Legislation: Part 23 Companies Act 2014
Offering documents prepared for local offer, an offer of securities to the public in the State where the offer expressly limits the amount of the total consideration to less than €5,000,000. These local offering documents are registered directly with the C.R.O. on or before the date of publication.

Section 1361 (4) of the act states ” No offering document prepared for local offer shall be issued by or on behalf of a PLC or in relation to an intended PLC unless, on or before the date of its publication, a copy of the offering has been delivered to the Registrar of companies for registration”. Form B18a must be used for the filing of prospectus under this legislation and can be downloaded from our website. (filing fee €15 )


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