In exceptional circumstances it is possible for a company officer to receive an exemption for the non-disclosure of the officer’s residential address. This is known as a T1 application. There are three components to a T1 application, as follows:
1. An A1 or B10, either appointing an officer or modifying the details of the officer with the registered office address of the company rather than their residential address;
2. Completed T1 form – This is an application signed and dated by the applicant and names the company;
3. A letter from An Garda Síochána at a rank of Chief Superintendent or higher supporting the application.
The A1/B10 component should be filed online through Core ensuring that the T1 option is selected while at the same time forwarding the original T1 form and letter from An Garda Síochána in hardcopy to the CRO. All three components are required for a complete application and a failure to supply any of the components will result in the other components being returned.

A T1 application is not retrospective and any document already registered with the CRO containing the residential address will not be redacted. The applicant is responsible for the non-disclosure of the residential address where the application is successful. The CRO accepts no responsibility for the subsequent disclosure of the address by the company on any form submitted to the CRO.