Mortgage/Charge Certificates are issued as “digitally certified” documents since 13 April 2016. These Digital Certificates replaced the paper Mortgage Certificates. The Digital Certificates are emailed as a pdf document to the email address entered in the “Presenter Details” section of the eform submitted to register the charge. This facilitates immediate receipt of certification by the presenter as soon as the charge has been registered.

Format of Digital Certificate

The format of the Certificate of Charge did not change and the Digital Certificates contain all of the information previously displayed on the paper Certificates. The signature of the officer registering the charge on behalf of the Registrar appears on the Digital Certificate.

The Digital Certificates contain the following security features:-

The pdf document contains a coloured banner at the top of the screen to confirm that it has been digitally signed as certified by the CRO. This provides an assurance to the recipient that the document is authentic, has not been tampered with and has been independently verified as sourced in CRO. The digitally certified document is the electronic equivalent of adding a notarised, wet ink signature. A representation of these features is detailed below:-



Procedure for Certification

  • When efiling on CORE, presenters should ensure that the email address in the field “Presenter Details” is correct as this is the address to which the digital charge certificate will be emailed.
  • Following registration the presenter will receive an email with the heading “ Certificate of Charge – Submission No xxxxxx”.
  • This email will contain the Digital Certificate as a pdf document.
  • This is the Certificate of registration of the Charge – please ensure that you save it accordingly as no paper certificate can be issued


Presenters can provide these digital certificates directly to third parties such as chargeholders, banks and other financial institutions by email as required.