The Migration of Participating Securities Act 2019 was commenced on 29th January 2020. This is “An Act to make, in the public interest, provision with respect to the contingency that a substitute securities settlement system, compatible with the law of the European Union, may be required, on or after 30 March 2021, for the securities settlement system commonly known as “CREST”; for that purpose to enable issuers of certain securities to avail themselves of the procedures hereafter provided whereby such a substitute securities settlement system will, by virtue of the operation of this Act, become available in respect of those securities and to provide for related matters.”

Form B90 can be completed in relation to section 10 of this Act and the need to supply a declaration. Form B90 has a filing fee of €15.  A special resolution can be completed on CORE on a G1 form in relation to section 4 of the Act. A special resolution has a filing fee of €15.