Here you can view fees for documents filed and searches conducted. Documents filed electronically carry a lower fee and, in some cases, no fee at all.

To facilitate the implementation of PSD2, a European law which came into force recently to make it more secure for consumers to make electronic payments online, CRO had to make changes to our payment page, by adding 6 new fields. We are aware that some Core users have been having difficulties with these new fields and are encountering errors when trying to pay online. Please ensure that you fill in details in all 6 fields (Address 1, Address 2, City, Postcode, Country and Phone Number) to avoid errors and proceed with payment. The inputting of some special characters into the fields will cause errors and prevent the credit card entry screen from loading, for instance the phone number field does not accept brackets “(“ “)”. Any non-alphabetic/non-numeric characters apart from quotes and hyphens for the addresses should be avoided.


Section Description
Companies Details of the filing fees for submissions and General Fees
Business Names Details of the filing fees for submissions and General Fees
Foreign Companies Details of the filing fees for external company documents
Limited Partnerships Details of the fees.
Bulk Data Details of the fees.
Registry of Friendly Societies Details of fees relating to Friendly SocietiesTrade Unions and Industrial and Provident Societies.
Re-Use of Information Note on Fees and Re-Use of Information for the Companies Registration Office and the Registrar of Friendly Societies
Methods of Payment The different ways to pay accepted by the CRO. You can choose to Open a Customer Account.