Mortgages/charges which are not registerable in the CRO have been submitted to the CRO even though there is no Irish registered company or registered external company to which the charge can be filed. These charges have been submitted to a file called the Slavenburg file.


Companies Act 2014
Please Note: Since 1st June 2015, the Companies Acts 1963 to 2013 were repealed completely and replaced by the Companies Act 2014. The Slavenburg file is now closed permanently. Only charges submitted against an irish or external company already registered with the CRO can be accepted.

Submissions from the year 2000 onwards have been scanned and can be purchased from the website using the Individual Submission Search facility.



Section 416 Companies Act 2014, which governs satisfaction of charges, is limited in its scope to “registered charges”. As charges on the Slavenburg file are not registered charges, the procedure as to entries of satisfaction and release of property from charge pursuant to section 416 Companies Act 2014 does not apply to such charges. The Registrar, having reviewed the issue, has decided that it is inappropriate for CRO to accept notice of satisfactions in respect of Slavenburg filings. Any such notices received are liable to be returned to the presenter.