The CRO supplies, under licence, data in bulk format for high volume users of our data. The data concerned is basic company information in respect of all companies on the register. Daily updates of the data may be downloaded via the internet – a password is assigned to a Licensee to facilitate this. The fees for the daily data update service are below.

Copies of all scanned documents received by CRO can also be made available at a cost of €63,360 per annum.

Please note that there are conditions attached to the supply of the data updates and of the scanned images and, in particular, that it is necessary to sign a formal Licence Agreement prior to commencement of supply. Purchasers of the data would also require computer expertise to enable them to read the data. Please see the Re-Use of Information page regarding costs/licence agreement information.

Bulk Data Customers

The bulk data customers to whom CRO currently supplies are listed in alphabetical order below. A contact person for Data Protection Acts purposes at each of the customers supplied by CRO is also detailed in addition to the website address of each. Any queries in relation to the use of data by any individual bulk data customer should be referred to the listed person at that organisation. Direct marketing to directors’ home addresses is prohibited under the license of use between CRO and bulk data customers :

Company Name Website Address Contact Person for the purposes of the Data Protection Acts
Business Post Media Group Mr. Craig Tait
Creditsafe Ireland Ltd Mr. Paul Beard
D&B Business Information Solutions Ms. Cagla Rosell
Experian Ireland Ltd Mr. Jim Kennedy
Dye & Durham (Ireland) Limited Ms. Alice Burch
Ulster Bank Ireland DAC SARCustomerQueries <at> ulsterbank <dot> com
Visionnet Ltd Ms. Christine Cullen
Vmody Limited Mr. Barry Darmody

Year Cost
1/1/2002- 31/12/2002 €13,000
1/1/2003-31/12/2003 €22,000
With effect from 1/1/2004 €31,000 per annum