The Companies Registration Office (CRO) is the central repository of public statutory information on Irish companies and business names. This information on Irish companies and business names is stored electronically as data and document images on a database. CRO provides access to this data in a number of ways:

1. Company Search
Some Company and Business Name information may be accessed free of charge via the CRO website through the Company Search facility (CORE). Once the Company or Business Name is entered, the following information is displayed where applicable, free of charge: Number, Business Indicator, Name, Address, Registration Date, Status, Status, Last Annual Return Date, Next Annual Return Date, Last Accounting Year Date, Type

There is also an option to view a list of submissions that have been filed with CRO by or in relation to any company. The following information may then be viewed: Submission Number, Document Number, Company Number, Company Business Indicator, Type of Submission, Type of Document, Submission Status, Received Date, Effective Date, Accounts Filed up to Date (applicable to Accounts Only), Scanned Date, Number of Pages, File Size.


2. Open Services API
The CRO offers software developers the ability to integrate the Company Search facility (set out above) into their own applications using a set of RESTful Web Services known as “Open Services”. This enables the utilisation of basic Company and Submission data within separate applications. The service is free of charge but subject to CRO terms and conditions, and an acceptable usage policy.

It is also possible for Customer Account holders who are registered for Open Services to integrate the streaming of documents from the CRO into their applications. This enables developers to display a document for a submission directly to their customers and to dramatically cut the lead time in purchasing an image.

Cost per image is the same as it is to purchase the image directly through the CRO company search site.

NB. Software developers wishing to avail of the foregoing should have a degree of programming competence and experience in web services.

Technical information on CRO Open Services. –


3. Specific Company Documents
Company Printouts and individual Company Submissions may be purchased (statutory search and retrieval fees apply) and accessed through the CRO website.

Using the Company Search facility outlined above, once a Company or Business Name has been entered, users may choose either to ‘view the list of submissions’ and select one, or ‘request a company printout’. The company printout is a snapshot of a Company at that point in time and contains details of its Name, Previous Name, Registered Office, Type, Incorporation and Annual Return Details, Charges Secured, Directors and Secretary, and a List of Submissions. The selected document/s are then paid for and delivered directly to the customer’s specified email address.


4. Bulk Data
The CRO supplies, under licence and for a fee, company and business name data in bulk format for high volume users. This data is company information in respect of all companies on the register. CRO also supplies images of documents to bulk users under licence, again on payment of a fee.

NB. At present there are no options for purchasing subsets of the bulk data.

Bulk data is supplied via extracts uploaded daily by CRO to a secure location and available for download to bulk data customers using individual log-in credentials. Use of the data requires a degree of technical competence.

Further details on bulk data, costs, licence provisions, and existing customers


5. European Business Register (EBR)
The European Business Register (EBR) is a pan-European Organisation that supplies Company Register documents throughout Europe. EBR end-users may use EBR to obtain Company Profiles of CRO-registered companies. This contains date of registration, company type and status, and registered office address. End-users may also use EBR to obtain a subset of the available CRO document types, including Annual Returns, Annual Accounts, Memorandum and Articles and some other documents. The European Business Register doesn’t hold any data or documents. Any requests are forwarded to CRO which fulfils them dynamically.


6. Public Authorities
The CRO has agreements with a number of public authorities regarding the use of its data.

For more information on accessing CRO data, please contact