Applications to incorporate companies can be submitted under one of two schemes, both of which have a different customer service standard.


  • Fé Phráinn A1 Online: five working days
  • Ordinary Online A1: ten working days

Documents are processed in chronological order and are subject to checks. Documents returned for correction are processed according to their date of re-submission to the CRO.

Reserve Company Name
This service is only available online on CORE. Registration with CORE is free. The name can be reserved for 28 days and the cost of this application is €25.00, which can be paid in advance by credit card or charged to your account in the CRO. If this is presented within the 28 days specified the incorporation fee will be reduced by €25.00. See Reserve a Company Name for more information. You can check the suitability of a company name using this facility for free.

Fé Phráinn A1 Online Scheme
The CRO operates a company incorporation scheme (referred to as the Fé Phrainn A1 online scheme) which streamlines the incorporation of companies required for immediate commercial use by company promoters. Under this scheme the CRO endeavours to provide participants with a Certificate of Incorporation within five working days, of the relevant submission documents having being completed correctly and lodged at the CRO. The scheme applies to private companies limited by shares (LTD and DACS) unlimited companies and Companies Limited by Guarantee.

Company promoters submit a draft constitution (memorandum and articles of association) to the CRO for approval. When approved, the draft is printed by the applicant, to CRO specifications, and it becomes the standard text against which all future applications will be examined. A copy of the printed version of the memorandum and articles is retained by the CRO for comparison against applications received from participants. This is to ensure that the contents remain unaltered from one application to the next.
Companies lodged under the scheme do not require the usual intensive level of attention at the incorporation stage as they have, in effect, been checked previously which enables the issue of certificates within the five working day limit. As the purpose of the scheme is to facilitate company promoters who require speedy incorporations, no amendments may be made to the approved text without the express prior approval of the CRO.

The conditions applicable are outlined on the Fé Phráinn application form.

It should be noted that Membership of the Fé Phráinn scheme does not create a partnership, relationship or agency or joint venture of any kind between the CRO and the Member. A Member of the Fé Phráinn scheme shall not hold itself out as being or representing or otherwise associated or connected with CRO. Without limitation to the foregoing, a Member of the Fé Phráinn scheme shall not use or refer to CRO and/or its logo in its website or in any advertising, marketing or promotional literature or press release or statement without the prior written consent of CRO.

For further particulars of the scheme please contact the CRO:


Ordinary Online A1 Scheme
It is an electronic company incorporation scheme. Under this scheme the CRO tries to provide participants with a Certificate of Incorporation within ten working days of the relevant submission documents being completed correctly and lodged at the CRO.