It is possible to Search Company, Business and Society Documents on CORE. Such documents can be paid for with debit/cards however if you wish to file documents you will need to create a CORE Account. In addition, if you carry out detailed searches via the CRO website, you may also wish to open an account with us

Once a Core Account has been registered a CRO Account Number will be assigned to you. This account can be quickly topped up using a Credit Card and can be used to pay for filing fees and penalties when filing submissions electronically through CORE or to purchase documents.

Existing Customer
If you are an existing Customer you can login in to CORE.

New Customer Accounts
A new customer account must be opened online on CORE. Once a Core Account has been registered an Account number will be assigned to you.

Topping Up Your CRO Customer Account
This account can be topped up using a Credit Card or by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and can be used to pay for filing fees and penalties when filing submissions electronically through CORE or to purchase documents.

Click HERE for Information on how to Top up Your Account on CORE.

Statements available in CORE
All Customer Account details, including recent transactions and statements, are now available in the transactions tab on the left hand side of your screen on CORE. Accordingly, CRO no longer issues Customer Account statements by post. The new facility offers Account holders a range of additional features such as the facility to view up-to-date transactions and the current balance.

Click here to fine information on how to view filings on CORE.

When filing manual/ paper documents – Organisations with an account with the CRO can authorise the CRO to debit your account when submitting forms to the Office by using the Payment Authorisation Form (PAF).

Please request a booklet from quoting your Account Name, Account Number and Address.

Please open a regular account on CORE and contact the CRO where you will be advised further by the CRO Accounts Team on

Organisations with more than one user can contact the CRO to change their CRO Account from an Individual Account to an Organisational Account. Please contact This ensures multiple accounts do not need to be credited and all USERS are linked to the one account for tracking, statements and balances.

Should you need to change email address, business address or contact details on your account, please select My Profile from the drop down in the top right hand corner of the page and edit accordingly.

For acceptable payment methods please see methods of payment.

Is my CRO Customer Account different to my CRO CORE account?
Your CRO Core Account is your Core Login and when registering you also add an Account Name and this is assigned to your CRO Customer Account.

A CRO Customer Account number is automatically created when you complete your registration. Your Customer Account Number is usually 2 letters followed by 4-5 digits such as AC0000. This can be seen on the Transactions Tab.

How do I view my CRO Balance and Transactions?
When logged into CORE, you can view your Account Number, Balance and transactions by clicking on the Transaction tab on the left side of your screen.

How can I Top up my CRO customer account?
You can top-up your CRO Customer Account by Credit or Debit card, or by EFT(Electronic Fund Transfer). Cheques or cash cannot be used to top-up a CRO customer account.

Where can I get the details I require to top-up by electronic fund transfer?
You can request this information by emailing the CRO Customer Accounts Section on , quoting your CRO customer account number.

How long does an electronic fund Transfer take to reach my CRO customer account?
The CRO Customer Accounts mailbox is monitored daily. Please note an email confirming the date, CRO Customer Account number, and amount of the EFT transfer is required prior to the funds being lodged to your CRO Account.

Once the lodgement is confirmed, these are lodged as soon as possible to your CRO customer account.

Depending on the type of transfer, funds may arrive on the same day, or may take 3-5 working days to arrive. This information can be confirmed with your own bank.