Primary Reasons for Match Failure
If you, the presenter, submit a B1, A1, B10, or B69 and get an automated response that says, “One or more PPSNs/IPNs were invalid, or names or dates of birth did not match,” the error is caused by one or more directors who don’t match on one or more of the following four pieces of information:

For IPN holders (generated from a Registered VIF)

  • ● Registered First Name
  • ● Registered Last Name
  • ● Date of Birth
  • ● IPN

The IPN is now used for the RBO also. For new members of the RBO, the same regulations that apply to “New directorships” apply. Both the First and Last Names entered into the CORE portal and the RBO Main Form must be the same.

Existing directorships

The name entered onto the CORE portal for the Form VIF must match exactly with the CRO record of an existing directorship. A mismatch in the data will result from different spellings. When directorships already exist before the Form VIF is registered, close matching is not offered.

New directorships

The name entered onto the CORE portal for the Form VIF must match exactly with the new director appointment details.


IPN Number-related

The relevant CORE filing’s date of birth must exactly match the information entered into the CORE portal for the Form VIF.


I have reviewed the Form VIF and I note the date of birth on the CRO record matches the Form VIF. I am confident that the Name and IPN and Date of Birth are correct. How can I check that the data entered into the CORE portal was correct? I believe there might have been a data entry error.

A Go to My Filings on your CORE dashboard.
Go to Registered tab.



Download and View Submission Document
This is the exact text and date of birth you entered into CORE portal
You can re-examine if the data entry of the date of birth was registered incorrectly.
If it is incorrect, please email and we will accommodate a new application and we will issue a new IPN.

This must be exactly the same as the sourcepoint


Q I am the presenter of the Form VIF but I have not received the IPN yet. How long will it take?

A Priority is given to Form VIF registration, as a result, the IPN should be issued within 1-2 days in normal turnaround times, however please note that this is is dependent on the volume received by the CRO, during the peak filing period turnaround times are likely to significantly increase


Please note that the holder of the email address entered into the CORE portal will receive the registered notification of the IPN.



I (the presenter) entered my own email address into this field but I have not received the IPN yet?

Check the spelling of the Email address entered. The CRO staff do not check spellings so it is possible that the email address will have to be modified. Please email

The Entity Number is not the IPN, every person and entity on the CRO Register receives a unique ID number coincidentally it too has seven digits resulting in presenters mistaking it for the IPN.



If your submission still fails after trying the above troubleshooting advice, send an email to with the following subject line:

(Insert Form Type) – IPN Number-related – (Insert SR Filing Reference)
Followed by a brief description of the issue in the body of the email.