The CRO must be notified if either the address where the following registers are kept is (a) different to that of the registered office, or (b) being changed to that of the registered office from a different office, or (c) being changed from one address to another address which is not that of the registered office.

  • ● Register of the members,
  • ● the directors’ and secretaries’ register,
  • ● copies of instruments creating charges,
  • ● copies of directors’ service contracts and memoranda,
  • ● disclosable interests register and
  • ● the minutes of meetings.

Any change in location of these registers must be notified to the CRO on Form B3 within 14 days of the event occurring. Filing Fee €15 or for free if filed online using CORE. Registers must be maintained within the State. The documents can be kept at the registered office or principal place of business in the State. If they are not maintained at either of these places, all the registers not maintained there, should be maintained at a single address.


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Members of the company, the officers of the company and the general public may inspect the following records:

  • ● Register of the members,
  • ● the directors’ and secretaries’ register,
  • ● disclosable interests register


A creditor of the company may inspect the copies of the instruments creating charges.