CORE (the Companies Online Registration Environment) allows you, as a CRO customer, to view in a secure, private environment, up to date information on companies for which you file.

CORE allows you to:

    – File documents online (some documents can be filed for free)
    – Check the status of your companies in lists which can be sorted in various orders
    – Receive notification of filings for companies in your portfolio and of changes in the status of those documents
    – Obtain your CRO Account balance, transactions and statements

Registration with CORE is free, you must register to be able to file online.

Register here

Annual Return
You can file your Annual Return through CORE for €20. You have 28 days from your Annual Return Date to file your return online You then have a further 28 days from the date you file online to get the signature page, accounts and payment to CRO.
Electronic filing of the annual return and the associated financial statements is mandatory.

Business Names
You can file your Business Name through CORE for €20, which is half the price of filing on paper.
You can also avail of faster registration as documents filed online are given priority.

Mortgage Document
Filing of forms C1, C1a and C1b online is mandatory.

Change of Registered Office 
On CORE, Forms B2, B3, F4, RBN2/A/B have no filing fee. Electronic filing of the B2 form is mandatory.

To use CORE you need to be a registered user.
Registration is free.

When you register, use your email address as a username and then choose a password.

You only need to register once and after that you can file forms for as many companies as you wish.

If you are an accountancy practice or a filing agent, register in CORE in the name of your own practice, using your own business name or company number. You do not need a separate log in for each company for which you want to file.


Ensure you have validated yourself in CORE to add your company/companies to your ‘My Companies’ list.

Log in to CORE, and click on ‘CORE Tools’ and then ‘Requests’.

Click on ‘Add‘ and choose ‘Manual Presenter Validation’  Enter you company number(s) and your relationship to the company/those companies. Click ‘Submit